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My Initiation into Motherhood – reflections on the first 6 months.

Being a mom is a fascinating, exhausting, and endlessly challenging job. However, it’s also one where the rewards are given in laughs and smiles and reach the greatest depths of your heart. This is what I’ve learned in the first six months as a mom. Our bodies are amazing. Not only did I incubate a […]

Helpful hints for moms-and-dads-in-training and new parents!

This entry is my way of thanking all of my parent friends for all of their great suggestions and for all the moms everywhere who wrote reviews and blogs that helped me in my research and planning. These lists provide some of the things we found the most useful as we prepared for our little […]

The “new mom victory lap.”

*Spoiler alert for future moms – if you would like to be surprised or live in denial about the first two weeks of life after you give birth, do not read the entry below.*** I’m going to call the first week or two, after having a newborn baby, the “new mom victory lap.” Just when […]